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Where Law, Government, and Business Intersect. 

Now more than ever, it seems that the law and government are at the forefront of American lives.  We encounter them when obtaining a drivers license, building a property, or growing a business. 


As life becomes more complex, it is often difficult to navigate legal obligations, government regulations, and business requirements.  Riverside Law Group focuses on helping you manage those complexities in a strategic and efficient way. 


Riverside Law Group offers traditional legal service that focus on general practice and consumer needs. In addition, we offer targeted and specialized government and regulatory representation at the local, state, and federal level. We also provide advocacy and government relations related services to address the most challenging public policy and community outreach initiatives.

Introducing our law firm

Areas of Expertise 


General Practice

Riverside Law Group has experience in a range of strategic legal services to fit your needs. 


General Practice Items:

  • Real Estate

  • Commercial Matters

  • Business Formation

  • Estate Planning

  • Bankruptcy

  • StrategicMarital Dissolution


Government and Regulatory

Our experience in the regulatory and compliance-centric environment spans two decades and allows us to wear our ‘government’ hat to protect and advance your interests.


Consider us your outsourced counsel that relies on expertise and experience to manage your government hearing matter. 


Public Policy, Advocacy, and Community Outreach

We all know that robust Public Policy has the ability to drive change and in our view, it’s an art and a science. Riverside Law Group has over 20 years of experience building coalitions, awareness, and change. 

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