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General Practice 

We understand that most clients want solutions to their problems instead of protracted legal disputes.  Riverside Law Group provides a full range of strategic legal services to individuals and business entities.  

We take particular pride in the depth and quality of our property related law practice. Typical areas of representation include:

  • Real Estate Closings - Acquisition and disposition of all types of real property

  • Commercial Leasing

  • Land use, Zoning, and related Entitlements

  • Condominium and Homeowner Associations  

  • Short sales and Loan Document Modifications

  • Foreclosure actions

  • Construction, Contractor, and Subcontractor Agreements

In addition, we also offer a host of other common legal services, in-house or in cooperation with other trusted counsel, including:

  • Business Formation

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, and Probate matters

  • Strategic Divorce

  • Bankruptcy services

  • Select Civil Litigation

  • Criminal Law

Government and Regulatory

Interacting with any government entity can often be a confusing, intimidating, and inefficient process.  

Clients seeking legal representation before government bodies need experienced advocates who understand the complexities of the government’s regulatory, administrative hearing, and licensing processes and agencies. 

As a former government official and experienced regulatory attorney, Jay Reyes and the Riverside Law Group team are prepared to manage any local, state, or federal government regulatory matter on your behalf. 


Whether you have a minor matter or are dealing a full-blown government investigation, we are prepared to represent you every step of the way.

Our most common legal offerings include:

  • Corporate Legal Compliance matters

  • Professional Licensing

  • Government Investigations

  • Subpoena Responses

  • Preparation for Interviews with Investigators

  • Draft Responses to Government Inquiries

  • State and Municipal Administrative Hearings

  • Ordinance Violations

  • Secretary of State Hearings

  • Zoning and Public Hearings

Public Policy, Advocacy, and Community Outreach

The most effective advocates must be adept at understanding the legislative and regulatory process to develop, implement, and advise on practical solutions to problematic public policy issues. Our government relations function involves a wealth of valuable and extensive experience as former government regulators, public policy experts, and legislative & regulatory counsel.  

Whether your government related legal concern involves public policy development, grassroots activism, or over-arching government relations impact, we’re able to efficiently craft our legal guidance to help you achieve your professional goals. Our in-house or contract team strategically analyzes client problems and develops solutions that are efficient, practical, and effective. We will help you identify and craft an innovative solution beyond what is typically offered by traditional law firms. Combined with extensive professional relationships and contacts at the local, state, and federal level, we are prepared to represent you before any government entity.

Riverside Law Group’s team regularly and successfully assists the firm's business and Association clients in a number of areas including legislative or administrative rule drafting and management, community outreach, advocacy planning, preparation and presentation of testimony before government bodies, and providing legal advice on the creation and operation of political action committees and other election law and campaign finance issues. 

RLG’s Services Include:

  • Drafting, analysis, monitoring, and reporting on evolving legislation, regulations, and enforcement policies.

  • Produce timely training sessions, webinars, conference calls, and informational material on legislative, regulatory, and political developments.

  • Prepare written comments for clients in rulemaking before government agencies, and witness testimony preparation.

  • Arrange and represent clients for meetings with key decision makers in government agencies.

  • Form and manage legislative and regulatory coalitions, professional associations, and political groups, and also represent clients with existing groups.

  • Development of comprehensive strategic and tactical plans to achieve specific legislative, policy or regulatory objectives at all levels of government.

  • Formation and coordination of professional teams—including, for example, media, local counsel and/or other consultants—to advance client objectives at a single level of government or in multiple government venues (e.g., municipal, county, state, and federal).

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